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Buy Property For Sale in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is the metropolitan city of Turkey. The historical importance, location and facilities of the city make people prefer Istanbul. Real estate advertisements for sale in Istanbul will be useful for those who want to make their investment in this city. Among the advertisements, there are many advertisements from villas to residences, from apartments to houses.

choose real estate in favor of budget-friendly, close to historical sites, easy access and close to the coastline. For this, the advertisements should be examined and the most suitable advertisement should be found and applied.

People who are looking for a house to live besides investment can also find a house in the neighborhood where they can live by examining the advertisements. If you are looking for real estate for sale in Istanbul, you should definitely check the category of real estate ads to see the houses you can buy.

Villa For Sale in Istanbul

Villas are among the real estate types that can be preferred for investment in Istanbul. By purchasing a villa, it can be rented and rental income can be obtained. Since the rental income of the villas is high, it is possible to increase the income. In order for the rental income to be high, the villa to be purchased should be chosen by paying attention to its location, ease of transportation, size and features.

The search for a villa for sale can be concluded by examining the advertisements. Since the prices in the villas will decrease as you move away from the crowd of the city, it is possible to make a budget-friendly purchase. The villas that can be found in the advertisements have luxury, ultra-luxury, garden, pool, modern and duplex types. In this way, it is possible to choose according to the needs as well as the budget. However, when examining the advertisements, it should not be overlooked that the prices of the villas will increase as the properties of the villas turn into luxury.

It is possible to prefer Istanbul villas for living as well as investment. Those who want to continue their life in this metropolis have the opportunity to live by buying a villa. Especially if crowded family and comfortable life are preferred, luxury, duplex and garden villas will be the ideal choice. Apart from this, it is possible to buy the villas for the times when they come to Istanbul and stay at that time.

The advertisements for villas for sale on the page have features that will facilitate your choice of villas. If you have decided on the district where you will buy the villa, you can search by using the district filter and find the most suitable villa. If you are hesitant about the district, you should check in which districts the villas have a chance to be appreciated, the rental prices and whether the location of the villa is preferable for people. In this way, you will find the right investment opportunity.


Property Prices in Istanbul

Real estate prices are an important issue for those who want to own real estate in Istanbul. Knowing about prices helps them determine their budget. Information about real estate prices can be learned by examining the prices of the advertisements published in the category. By comparing the advertisements shared in the same district, it is ensured that the most affordable housing is purchased.

Many factors are determinant in Istanbul real estate prices. These factors include the type of residence, the square meter of the residence, its location, its neighborhood, its response to the needs and its surroundings. Housing type is the most important factor influencing price.

Whether the house is an apartment, detached house, residence or villa is effective in determining its prices. Because an apartment and a villa cannot be expected to be at the same price. The square meter of the house determines the price. As the square meter increases, that is, the area of the residence increases, the price increases in direct proportion. For example, a house measuring 100 square meters and a house measuring 200 square meters are not the same.

It is important that a residence meets the needs. The fee to be charged for a residence with a gym, swimming pool, parking lot and other areas is not the same for residences that do not offer these facilities. In addition, the fact that the house is close to highways, highways and intersections ensures that it is priced higher than other houses due to its transportation features.

For these reasons, while examining the advertisements and the prices in the advertisements, suitability should be determined by taking into account the characteristics of the residence, location, environment and other factors. In addition, if the house is to be rented, it should be realized that the rent may be demanded higher than these features.

Residences for Sale in Istanbul

residences for sale in the category where you can find real estate ads for sale in Istanbul. The residences, which were built using the facilities of advanced technology, are prepared in high-rise buildings and in a secure manner.

Residences in Istanbul have reception service, gym, activity hall, car parking and cleaning service. With these features, they offer people the opportunity to live in comfort, luxury and hotel comfort. For this reason, it is possible for them to be bought and lived by people who prefer to live in luxury.

residences for sale in Istanbul are built in accordance with the latest technology, they have a high return when preferred for investment. They provide high rental income by buying and renting for foreign citizens.

People who want a high rental income should choose their residences in favor of luxurious districts such as Maslak, Şişli, Kartal, Sarıyer and Beşiktaş. Thus, residences in luxury districts increase in value over time, helping to make a profit on investment.

In Which Region to Invest in Istanbul?

Istanbul real estate ads are quite high in the category. However, people who want to own real estate need to reach and choose the right advertisement. For this, it is necessary to determine the reason for the purchase. Those who want to buy a house in Istanbul for investment purposes must have information about the regions to invest.

Regions where investment can be made in Istanbul include Büyükçekmece, Arnavutköy, İstinye, Maslak, Şişli, Beylikdüzü, Taksim, Kadıköy, Beşiktaş, Moda, Cihangir, Sarıyer, Kartal, Bakırköy, Ulus, Levent, and Esenyurt. There is a lot of construction in these areas. At the same time, it is one of the regions where people are interested due to its ease of transportation. It also ensures that these regions are preferred as popular regions in terms of social activities and education. For this reason, those who will invest should examine the residence, flat, villa, shop and house advertisements for sale given for these regions.

Istanbul is a city preferred by history buffs because of its historical regions. For this reason, it is also important that the property to be purchased is close to the historical areas of the city. For those who come to visit these regions or who want to be close to history, the choice of real estate should be made in favor of these regions.

Those who want to buy a house from the historical places of Istanbul should prefer districts such as Fatih, Kadıköy, Üsküdar, Eminönü and Kuzguncuk. If you have determined the ideal district for investment, you can search by filtering the ads. Thus, you can find the house for sale you are looking for in a short time and start the purchasing process.

Earthquake Safe Zones in Istanbul

For those who want to own a real estate in Istanbul, it is an important factor that the house is not in the earthquake zone. The fact that there is an earthquake expectation for the city allows people to search for a safe zone. If you want the house you will buy to be in a safe place and not to have the risk of damage in an earthquake, you should examine the advertisements considering the earthquake.

The regions determined as safe for earthquakes in Istanbul are as follows;

  • Arnavutkoy
  • Pendik
  • Beyoglu
  • Alibeykoy
  • Kemerburgaz
  • Besiktas
  • Sisli
  • Levent
  • Kagithane
  • Gultepe
  • Emirgan
  • Gokturk
  • Uskudar
  • Sile

The fact that these regions are far from the fault lines reduces the risk ratio. For this reason, they are considered earthquake safe. If you want the house you will buy not to be destroyed or damaged in the earthquake, you should examine the real estate ads for sale in these regions. In this way, you can ensure that your investment is not wasted.

Preferring districts and districts that do not have earthquake risk for real estate purchase does not prove that the house you buy is earthquake resistant. For this reason, you should look for earthquake resistance details in the house for sale advertisements. In addition, you can learn about the structural features of the house through interviews. Thus, you can have a house, apartment, residence or villa that is safe against earthquakes.

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