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Emaar Square Residences


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emaa square residences prices
emaa square residences bedroom
emaa square residences pool
emaa square residences living room
emaa square residences istanbul room
emaar square residences istanbul 4

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    Emaar Square Istanbul apartments for sale, you can start enjoying a luxurious and comfortable life with your family and loved ones. You can attain a noble life thanks to these apartments, which are designed according to the needs of the century we live in and attention to architectural aesthetics. As it rises in one of the most vibrant and colorful areas of Istanbul, you can use every day productively. You can contact us on WhatsApp to buy with the best price guarantee.

    Thanks to the social opportunities in the project, it helps you reach the best solutions. Its carefully planned structure, from living areas to storage areas, allows you to enjoy your life more. It carries the texture of traditional districts such as Nişantaşı and Bağdat Street.

    The structure, consisting of four 14-floor buildings, offers the opportunity to watch the breathtaking view of Istanbul. Thus, you can wake up every day in a fascinating way and live in harmony. With the effect of its traditional and historical texture, you can always feel the spirit of Istanbul where you live.

    You can attain a 5-star life thanks to the Emaar apartments for sale , which are both modern and warm . Since the apartments within the scope of the project differ, you can examine each one and choose the ones that offer solutions to your needs.

    Emaar stores , offices and other sections are close to the living areas, so you can easily reach your home without going too far.

    emaa square residences project
    • Emaar is an International brand in business at 14 countries.
    • Emaar Turkey / Address Residence, is ready to move in.
    • It is a 5 star Address Hotel Residence Building.
    • Residence flats on top of the largest mall in Turkey, Emaar Square Mall
    • Furnished / Unfurnished flats, both available
    • Highest estimated rate of return in Turkey (6~8%)
    • 3 years payment plan
    • 3+1 / 4+1 / 5+1 penthouses
    • Eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship

    Are you ready for a luxurious life in Emaar Square, the highest quality Turkey Property?

    Prices of Apartments For Sale in Emaar Square

    For sale in Emaar Square Residences vary depending on how many square meters the flats are and the number of rooms. Due to the project design, it has solutions suitable for everyone’s needs. In this respect, it is possible to see every option from 1+1 to 4+1 and choose the one that suits you.

    Rising in the heart of Istanbul, this project combines modern and traditional designs to help you live a better quality life. It allows you to start a contemporary life with its American kitchen options and smart home feature.

    Emaar istanbul apartments for sale have options between $640,000 and $1.100,000 within the scope of 1+1. By evaluating each of them individually, you can find the one that suits you. For 2+1 models, prices vary between $1.200,000 and $1.900,000.

    3+1 flats vary between $1.800,000 and $3.000,000 on average. If you want a bigger option, there are also 4+1 options with an average price of around $5.925,000.

    If you want to start a new life by buying the apartment that offers you the best solution, you can decide on the one that suits you by examining each one. You can think of them not only as a living space, but also as an investment place.

    You can also benefit from the advanced options and central structure of the region, the opportunities offered by the project and the high rental income opportunities. The Emaar price list thus offers you the best solutions, not only today but also in the future.

    emaar square residences istanbul 4

    Where is Emaar Square Residences ?

    Emaar Square flat for sale allows you to live in the heart of Istanbul, not where it ends . It was built on one of the most popular areas of the city and is located close to the main arteries, connection roads, Bağdat Street, the Bosphorus and bridges. Therefore, it allows you to carry out transportation in a comfortable and practical way. If you want to go to Emaar Square by metro, you should take the Kadıköy- Tavşantepe metro line and get off at Göztepe Metro Station.

    Emaar Square , which has different apartment models, thus helps everyone find the options they are looking for. If you want to realize your dreams, you can start living in a short time with its advanced features and central structure.

    You can feel the energy of the city every day, shop as you wish, experience every day in a more special way with its eye-catching architecture and historical squares. You can experience Istanbul again with the project that brings together different lifestyles.

    Thus , thanks to Emaar apartments for sale , you can reach the best solutions for you. If you want to spend peaceful times at home, you can do it now with the project.

    What are the Social Facilities of Emaar Square ?

    If you want to feel yourself in the heart of Istanbul, Emaar apartments for sale offer you all the facilities you are looking for. It gives you the keys to a luxurious life as it offers wide opportunities in terms of social activities.

    The project has an outdoor swimming pool in itself and thus offers you the best solutions when you are tired and want to cool off. Since there is an indoor swimming pool that you can use in autumn and winter, you can enjoy it as you wish every day of the year.

    Thanks to its five-star and luxurious restaurants, you can have romantic and impressive dinners, so you can spend good times with your loved ones. If you want to talk to your friends, you can choose the cafes in the project or in the immediate vicinity .

    Thus , you can find every opportunity you are looking for with Emaar apartments for sale . You can relax with the SPA and visit the cinema whenever you want. In addition, you can continue your life in a completely safe environment with 24/7 security and cameras.

    In this respect, the project has all the entertainment and relaxation options you demand. Since the houses are compatible with the 21st century, you can also take advantage of the smart home features as you wish. Emaar Mall is also nearby, so you can make your shopping practical.

    In addition, since there are pharmacies, educational institutions such as primary schools and colleges, museums and markets in the immediate vicinity of the project, you can also benefit from them.

    How is Transportation Provided?

    Emaar flats for sale are in the center of the city and help you to reach them in a practical way. Road transportation is very practical as it is on the main arterial and connection roads. Since it is close to the Bosphorus and bridges, it allows you to go between the two sides easily.

    In addition, Sabiha Gökçen Airport is only 25 kilometers away. Thus, you can make airway transportation in a practical way. If you want to use public transport, the nearest metro is just 900 meters away.

    As it is a project in the heart of Istanbul, it is 10 kilometers from Beşiktaş, 11 kilometers from Taksim, 1.5 kilometers from Üsküdar, 4 from Bağdat Caddesi and 5.5 kilometers from Kadıköy. Thanks to Emaar apartments for sale , you may not start a 5-star and comfortable life in Istanbul.

    emaa square residences istanbul for sale
    • What are the check-in and check-out times at Emaar Square Residence?

      Check-in at Emaar Residence Istanbul Hotel must be between 4 pm and 11.30 am, check-out must be before 11.30 am

    • Does Serviced Luxurious 3+1 in Address Emaar Square have a hot tub for its guests?

      Yes. Each room/apartment has private jacuzzi tubs. You can enjoy a hot or cold shower.

    • How many guests can sleep at Serviced Luxurious 3+1 in Address Emaar Square?

      These apartments can accommodate 6 adults.

    • How to get to Emaar Istanbul by Marmaray?

      Those traveling by Marmaray should take the Metro at the stop called Ayrılık Çeşmesi and get off at Göztepe Metro station.

    • How to go to Emaar Mall from Taksim?

      Take the D-31 minibus in Taksim square and get off at the “Baglarbasi-Kadikoy” stop, take the C-66 minibus there and get off at the “Furniture Bazaar” stop after 16 stops and you will see Emaar Square in front of you.