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Mahal Bodrum

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mahal bodrum villas kitchen
mahal bodrum villas room
mahal bodrum villas bedroom
mahal bodrum villas sea view
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mahal bodrum villas
mahal bodrum villas map

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    121 m2

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    Mahal Bodrum, one of the villas for sale in Bodrum, is shaping Konacık’s evolving living and investment trends with its elegant architecture, elegantly designed practical living spaces, and private social facilities. These features, combined with its proximity to the city center, promise you an exclusive and privileged life. Mahal Bodrum consists of 24 villas and 16 apartments with swimming pools, gardens, and parking lots specially designed for each villa. Located on a hilltop surrounded by natural elevations, Mahal Bodrum offers a unique panoramic sea view in the heart of the city.

    mahal bodrum villas sea view

    This unique location will add value to your investment and your life. It offers an experience that will impress you with its aesthetic architecture, functional design, and exclusive social facilities. Reserving your place now to be a part of this special life means owning not only a residence but also a life and investment value.

    Discover the privileged world that awaits you at Mahal Bodrum, the new living and investment address of the summit. Book your place now to live this unique experience and make a valuable investment. The project opens the doors of a special life for you. Get in touch now to get more information about this villa for sale in Bodrum and to take advantage of special price advantages!

    General Features of Mahal Bodrum

    Mahal Bodrum is not just a villa but a monument of harmony and beauty that offers the lifestyle of your dreams. Shining like a star among the villas for sale in Bodrum, this special housing project opens the doors of a home where you and your loved ones will make memories with pleasure and experience the magic of sunset and nature. The viewing terraces, which embrace the panoramic sea view, are candidates to become special corners that add meaning to your life.

    In every season, the sea view painted with Mahal Bodrum‘s unique color palette transforms your home into a work of art. The warm embrace of the hillsides paints for you the natural silhouette of the southern coast of the Bodrum Peninsula, from the mesmerizing view of Karaada to the bays of Gümbet, Bitez, and Yahşi. Here, in a peaceful silence where time stands still, there is an ambiance that will make you forget you are in the center of the city.

    The project is distinguished by gardens that extend to the upper floors of each apartment. This special positioning allows each house to enjoy its unique viewing terrace. A peaceful silence and serenity that makes every moment precious, where time stands still with a magnificent view awaits you here. Konacık is home to Mahal Bodrum, Bodrum’s fast-rising new center. This region, where new, modern, and magnificent projects come together, stands out not only for business and social life but also for its investment value.

    Shining as the new star of Bodrum, Konacık offers you a life and investment opportunity at the top, in harmony with urban planning and social life trends. In Mahal Bodrum, 24 villas with private pools and gardens and 16 apartments with private gardens offer you a unique living experience. The communal swimming pool, fitness center, and social facility equipped with special complementary services make the residents of the project privileged. Here, every moment is special, and every moment is precious. Step into your dream life in Mahal Bodrum!

    Mahal Bodrum Villa Types And Prices List

    Mahal Bodrum Prices for Sale

    Features of Mahal Bodrum

    • Sea View
    • Private Swimming Pool
    • Garden
    • Parking Lot
    • Modern Architecture
    • High Investment Value

    Mahal Bodrum Location And Transportation Facilities

    Bodrum CenterNearby
    Important Places (Hospitals, Pharmacies etc…)Nearby
    Mahal Bodrum Nearby Location And Transportation Facilities

    Does This Villa Project for Sale in Bodrum Have Security?

    Yes, the Mahal Bodrum villa project has 24/7 security measures.

    What are the Extra Facilities of the Project?

    The project includes a cafe-bar area and a supermarket for your convenience.