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The best rent-guaranteed investments in Turkey in 2024

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    For many international investors, the allure of Turkey’s real estate market is undeniable, especially when considering properties in the heart of Istanbul. Often the question arises, where is the best place to buy property in Turkey? For many, the answer lies in the historic and cosmopolitan allure of Istanbul. With options ranging from luxurious waterfront residences to historic homes, the diverse range of available properties in this vibrant city is astounding. Moreover, the country offers enticing opportunities through the citizenship through investment program, making the idea of owning property for sale in Turkey even more attractive. Dive deep into what makes investing in Turkey’s real estate a golden opportunity.

    Rental Guaranteed Investment Properties in Istanbul

    Tersane Istanbul

    tersane istanbul maps

    A unique project under construction in Istanbul Golden Horn. There are a total of 81 rental guaranteed apartments for sale in the sea view project, which includes 4 5-star Rixos Hotels, but there are only 19 units left at the moment. The apartment you will buy is rented by the Rixos Hotel like a hotel room with a 5-year contract and pays you in dollars in 3-month periods. But you can stay in your apartment for a maximum of 21 days (3 weeks) for 5 years.

    tersane istanbul bosphorus

    ✅Fully furnished.
    ✅All taxes included.
    ✅Rixos Quality
    ✅City Center
    😓21 days of accommodation per year

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    Maslak Dream

    maslak dream pool

    Maslak Dream project is being built in Maslak in the heart of Istanbul. In a very close location to Vadı Istanbul, there are many business centers, business streets, shopping malls, hospitals and the much-used ITU-Ayazağa Metro station. There are 1+1 and 2+1 apartments. We can provide discounts for cash. NEWINN, the producer of the hotel concept and the project, makes the rentals for you, and you get rental income in dollars ($). You don’t interfere with anything.


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    Emaar Square Residences – Address Hotel

    emaar square address hotel property

    Emaar, the world-famous United Arab Emirates brand, built Emaar Square in Istanbul’s Üsküdar district, which started life in 2017. This project includes a luxury shopping center and 2 towers. It is possible to find investment property for sale with rental guarantee in the Address Hotel tower. But since it is a 7-year project, the apartments are sold out. As 2nd hand, we can offer 1+1, 2+1 property options.

    ✅Emaar assurance
    ✅Rental income
    ✅Hotel services
    ✅Fully Furnished
    ✅Luxury Tower
    😓Old project

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    Centric Project

    seba central istanbul residences

    Centric project, which is among the rental guaranteed properties for investment in Istanbul, is located in Basın Express area. It is an affordable investment project as well as other projects. ZiraatBank, Turkey’s largest bank, which is also a state bank, is a partner of this project.

    ✅7% rental guarantee for 3 years by USD
    For 2+1s, the monthly rental fee is $1,744.
    Another option is
    ✅20% buyback guarantee after 3 years by USD
    Rent for 3+1 units is $2,537 per month.

    📞 For more detailed information and special offers, you can contact us on WhatsApp.

    Please contact us for the above projects and many more private apartments. It doesn’t matter if you buy or not, you can only get ideas from us!

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

    Can I become a Turkish citizen if I buy any of the above projects?

    Yes. You can get a Turkish passport for property purchases of $400,000 and above. The person who buys the house + spouse + children under the age of 18 become Turkish citizens.

    What happens if there is a problem at home in Turkey properties for sale with rental guarantee?

    The best part of this system is that you do not interfere with the functioning of the house. For example, if the faucet of your house breaks down, since it is a hotel concept, the company quickly changes it for you and provides you with information.

    Is buying property in Turkey a good investment?

    Buying property in Turkey is considered a potentially good investment due to factors such as affordable real estate prices, a growing economy and attractive citizenship by investment programs.