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Bodrum Gündoğan Evleri

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bodrum gundogan evleri for sale
bodrum gundogan evleri 4
bodrum gundogan evleri satlilik
bodrum gundogan evleri villas
bodrum gundogan evleri for sale
bodrum gundogan evleri 4
bodrum gundogan evleri satlilik
bodrum gundogan evleri villas

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    194 m2

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    Among the villas for sale in Bodrum, Bodrum Gündoğan Evleri is one of the most popular masterpieces of the architectural world. In this project that turns your dreams into reality, you will encounter unique details that push the boundaries of the ordinary and fascinate you at every step.

    bodrum gundogan evleri 4

    This is a stunning portrayal of your dreams, a work of contemporary art that perfectly harmonizes with aesthetics. The eye-catching facade of the villa project gives a new meaning to modern architecture. A color palette where thousands of shades dance, combined with the play of sunlight, will inspire your senses. When you step inside the villas, you will be mesmerized by the minimalist and elegant designs. Each villa offers a specially designed living space. Sumptuously appointed bathrooms and balconies with panoramic sea views will transport you above everyday life, allowing you to enjoy peace and comfort.

    Bodrum Gündoğan Evleri is a unique opportunity for those who want to take a step forward and enjoy an extraordinary life. This is a sanctuary where creativity and luxury meet a universe that pushes the limits of your imagination. The artistic touches you will discover in every corner offer you an extraordinary experience, while the project signature heralds a unique lifestyle. Step beyond the ordinary and realize your dreams in this villa project. For more information about these villas for sale in Bodrum, contact us via WhatsApp.

    General Features of Gündoğan Evleri Bodrum

    Bodrum Gündoğan Evleri is a high-end villa project designed to offer a luxurious and unique living experience. This magnificent project will captivate you with every detail of your dreams. The architecture of the villas is designed to harmonize with the environment while attracting attention with its modern style. The natural beauties surrounding the project offer you peace and serenity, while the original architectural design creates a dazzling atmosphere.

    Each villa has a specially designed garden. These gardens offer you the opportunity to live in touch with nature. Green lawns, colorful flowers, and eye-catching landscaping turn your villa into a garden of paradise. The seating areas in the garden area offer the perfect environment for you to spend pleasant moments with your family and guests. Bodrum Gündoğan Evleri also offers many special amenities. Luxury features such as private swimming pools, verandas, and parking lots add privilege to your life and provide areas where you can have a pleasant time.

    The security systems of the villas are also equipped with the latest technology, providing a safe environment for you and your loved ones. This unique villa project has thought of every detail to offer more for you. You can enjoy life in Bodrum Gündoğan Evleri and have the lifestyle you have dreamed of. All villas have a 4+1 apartment option and the villas have a view of Gündoğan Bay.

    Bodrum Gündoğan Evleri Villa Types And Prices List

    Block NoRoom NumberVilla TypeGross SQMPool SQMBower SQMGarden Area SQM
    Block 14+1Duplex1942818382
    Bodrum Gündoğan Evleri Villa Project Prices for Sale (Last Villa For Sale!)

    Features of Bodrum Gündoğan Evleri For Sale

    • Veranda
    • Air Conditioner
    • Satellite Systems
    • Private Swimming Pool
    • Parking Lot
    • Water Tank
    • Sea View
    • Landscaping Areas
    • Camellias

    Bodrum Gündoğan Evleri Location And Transportation Facilities

    Airport45 min
    Beach200 m
    Gündoğan Center3 km
    Bodrum Gündoğan Evleri Nearby Location And Transportation Facilities

    Is VAT Included in the Price of This Property for Sale in Bodrum?

    No, VAT is not included in the villa prices.

    What Is the Price Per Square Meter of Villas?

    The unit selling price of these villas for sale in Bodrum is €7,474.00.