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DAP Çeşme


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dap cesme villas sea view
dap cesme villas pool
dap cesme villas for sale
dap cesme villas 9
dap cesme villas 7
dap cesme project
dap cesme villas 5
dap cesme villas 10

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    91 m2

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    Meet DAP Çeşme, which stands out with its extraordinary architecture among the villas for sale in Çeşme! If you need a paradise where blue meets green to enjoy life, the DAP Çeşme housing project offers you exactly the living experience you are looking for. Located in a unique location, this project makes you feel privileged with its modern architecture, luxurious details, and unlimited facilities.

    dap cesme project

    DAP Çeşme is located in Çeşme, one of Turkey’s most popular holiday resorts. In this unique project, you will open the doors to a life intertwined with the sea and nature. A dream for sea lovers, DAP Çeşme will welcome you with breathtaking beaches and unique wave sounds in clear waters. Whether you sunbathe in the sun or immerse yourself in the waves, this magnificent coastline will give you a taste of peace and freshness.

    The architecture of the project stands out with its eye-catching modern design. With every detail carefully thought out, these residences are designed to meet all the needs of contemporary life. Large windows, spacious balconies, and terraces bring sunlight and sea views inside, while comfortable interiors embrace you. The modern and chic decoration inside will add warmth and elegance to your home, while the spacious living areas will allow you to move freely.

    This unique mansion project is also designed with an environmentally friendly approach. DAP Çeşme harmonizes with its surroundings with its green areas and landscaping, allowing you to live in touch with nature. It also supports you to live an environmentally friendly life with its energy efficiency-oriented buildings. While living in the project, you will both respect nature and enjoy a comfortable life.

    The DAP Çeşme housing project offers you the life you dream of with its excellent location, modern architecture, luxurious details, and unlimited possibilities. While enjoying a life intertwined with the sea and nature, you can also live your life in an environmentally sensitive way. When you step into DAP Çeşme, you will find yourself in a privileged world. For more information about these mansions for sale in Çeşme and to get a privileged price guarantee, contact us via WhatsApp!

    General Features of DAP Çeşme For Sale

    DAP Çeşme is a living space that is designed in perfect harmony with nature, and that puts the unique beauty of nature at the center of every detail of its architecture. This unique project offers you the opportunity to change your lifestyle. The project offers mansions that have a special life story for you with every detail carefully thought out. You can choose from many options from 5+1 to 6+1.

    The mansions in DAP Çeşme allow you to see the sea from 3 sides. It combines the peace of nature with private life. With its seafront location, your large windows open to the blue waters and you relive the green with every step. The mansions located in DAP Çeşme not only offer magnificent views but also embrace you with comfortable and stylish interiors.

    dap cesme villas sea view

    Every detail has been meticulously designed to strike the perfect balance between comfort and aesthetics. With the lifestyle offered by DAP Çeşme, you can live in harmony with nature and enjoy the sea, sun, and greenery to the fullest. You can breathe in the smell of the sea on your walks and find peace with the sounds of birds.

    DAP Çeşme Mansion Types And Prices List

    Mansion Flat 1+191-202840.000$-1.681.000$
    Mansion Flat 2+1140-3161.226.000€-2.317.000€
    Mansion Flat 2+1 Duplex247-2931.652.000€-1.991.000€
    Mansion Flat 3+1274-2942.351.000€-2.659.000€
    Mansion Flat 4+1351-3653.256.000€-3.386.000€
    Mansion Flat 5+1561-5645.595.000€-5.625.000€
    Mansion Flat 6+1478-5504.472.000€-5.486.000€
    DAP Çeşme Project Prices For Sale

    Features of DAP Çeşme For Sale

    • Sea View
    • Swimming Pool
    • Garden
    • Terrace

    DAP Çeşme Location And Transportation Facilities

    Çeşme Marina2 km
    Aya Yorgi Bay5 km
    Atatürk Training and Research Hospital6 km
    Medicana Hospital8 km
    Ilıca Beach11 km
    Alaçatı Bazaar12 km
    Port Alaçatı Marina16 km
    DAP Çeşme Nearby Location And Transportation Facilities

    When Is the Project Delivery Date of These Mansions For Sale in Çeşme?

    The project delivery date is June 2025.

    How Many Houses Are There in the Project?

    These mansions for sale in Çeşme are 93 in total.