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Kılıç Life Maslak


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    Kılıç Life Maslak, which is the apartment for sale in Maslak, presents an alternative architectural viewpoint in comparison to the structures in Istanbul. Kılıç Life Maslak, which allows you to realize both your ultimate home and your dream investment, helps you to reinterpret the standards offered by contemporary urban life as well as what you anticipate from maximalist urban life.

    kilic life maslak pool

    Kılıç Life Maslak, in which you can abandon your living spaces that are surrounded by four walls and embrace the most beautiful shades of green, will play the starring part in the most memorable moments of your life. Contact us through WhatsApp if you are interested in receiving more specific information about these apartments for sale in Maslak that are currently on the market as well as special price advantages.

    General Features Of The Kılıç Life Maslak

    Quality permeates every area of Kılıç Life Maslak, and ease permeates every room. Because of its proximity to the heart of the city, Kılıç Life Maslak is a game-changer for those who seek the highest quality of living. Whether you are looking for 1+1 or 2+1 you will find everything you need for a fresh start here.

    You can live for free in one of these Maslak apartments. Kılıç Life Maslak provides a fantastic at-home experience that is modern and up-to-date. When you are away from your house, you can still manage everything inside of it as if you were there.

    A house with the difference has lights that can be turned on and off at will, as well as a detector that will shut off the main water meter in the event of a flood. With its convenient location in the heart of the city and proximity to all major transit hubs, Kılıç Life Maslak makes living a carefree urban existence a reality.

    One of the biggest benefits of the project is its position, which is surrounded by green and blue spaces. The building of the North Marmara Highway and the Metro project has greatly increased the area’s worth.

    Your vehicle and garden will be safe from the damaging effects of the sun and other elements in the indoor parking lot that is “specially” allotted to each apartment building. In addition, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Belgrade’s greenery from Kılıç Life Maslak. Green space makes up sixty percent of the Kılıç Life Maslak development. There is one home office available, in addition to 130 residences, for your selection.

    Kılıç Life Maslak Flat Types And Prices List

    2+1 Enter Floor230-263
    Low-rise Kılıç Life Maslak Prices for Sale

    Features of Kılıç Life Maslak

    • Social Services Completely Separate For Men and Women
    • Open Pool and Indoor Pool
    • Gym Saloon
    • Steam Room and Turkish Bath
    •  Basketball and Football Courts 
    •  Easy Access to Public Transportation, Shopping Malls, Hospitals and Schools.

    Kılıç Life Maslak Location And Transportation Facilities

    TEM Highway3,5 km
    Ayazaga Metro Station3 km
    Yesiltepe Mosque150 m
    Location And Transportation Facilities
    Shopping Malls
    Istinye Park Mall4 km
    Vadi Istanbul2 km
    Skyland 2,5 km
    Shopping Malls
    Beykent University800 m
     Istinye Government Hospital200 m

    When Is The Delivery Date For These Apartments For Sale In Maslak?

    The 30th of December, 2024 is the projected delivery date for these apartments for sale in Maslak.

    What Is The Payment Method For The Apartments In Kılıç Life Maslak?

    These apartments in Maslak, which are currently available for purchase, have a down payment of 35 percent and can be paid for in installments lasting up to 24 months.

    How many minutes to Vadi Istanbul?

    It is possible to reach Vadi Istanbul in 10-12 minutes.