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Referans Bahcesehir


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referans bahcesehir 7
referans bahcesehir 6
referans bahcesehir 8
referans bahcesehir 9
referans bahcesehir 10
referans bahcesehir for sale
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    The Referans Bahcesehir project, which features a city view and is located in Bahcesehir, an area whose worth is steadily increasing, is currently waiting for investors. You will be able to take advantage of these privileges without even leaving the coziness of your house thanks to the abundance of opportunities and pursuits that can be found in the region immediately surrounding Referans Bahcesehir.

    A vibrant and colorful life awaits you at the shopping and life centers. Its location in the very heart of Bahcesehir enables it to provide all the benefits that come along with that. It features charming cafés and restaurants that are bursting with flavor, as well as stores that offer elegance, making it an environment that should be seen both inside and out.

    Warm and inviting interior design elements at Referans Bahcesehir are getting the project ready to host an exciting social scene. Get in touch with us through WhatsApp to get the lowest price guarantee on these apartments with city view apartments for sale in Bahcesehir.

    General Features Of The Referans Bahcesehir

    The Referans Bahcesehir was created with your convenience and comfort in mind, and it was specifically intended for you. Because of its functional design approach, you will experience relaxation and convenience when living in it. You will be able to take pleasure in the finely crafted architecture while looking at the bustle of everyday life. The building is situated in an area that is immediately adjacent to a large number of renowned educational institutions as well as sports facilities of varying levels and in the middle of a bustling commercial district filled with purchasing opportunities.

    Using a carefully crafted and intricately interwoven architectural design, a new and unique way of living is currently being constructed. Products that feature the most recent advancements in technology and are manufactured by the most reputable companies in the world bring the investor to the pinnacle of comfort. You will experience a sense of elevated significance every time you spend time on your extraordinary property.

    The ground area of the Referans Bahcesehir project is 25.920 square meters, and the construction area of the project is 111.903 square meters. The overall number of residential units included in the project is 463, while the number of commercial units included in the project is only 34. The apartment types in Referans Bahcesehir range from 1+1 to 4,5+1, and the building height can range anywhere from 4 to 23 floors. There are a total of 8 apartment buildings in the area.

    Referans Bahcesehir Flat Types And Prices List

    Typem2Price Range
    SHOP83250.000$+%18 VAT
    SHOP196500.000$+%18 VAT
    SHOP220590.000$+%18 VAT
    Referans Bahcesehir Prices for Sale
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    Features Of Referans Bahcesehir For Sale

    • Indoor Swimming Pool
    • Fitness
    • Sauna
    • Turkish Bath
    • Indoor Parking Area
    • Basketball and Tennis Court
    • Decorative Pool
    • Security

    Referans Bahcesehir Location And Transportation Facilities

    Marmaray Line (Halkali)
    Istanbul Airport25 min
    Metrobus12 min
    Bahcesehir Sport Center5 min
    Bahcesehir Culture Center5 min
    Bahcesehir Pond5 min
    Location and Transportation Facilities
    University & Private School 🏫
    Bilfen College1 min
    MEF Schools1 min
    Vizyon College1 min
    Sevinc College1 min
    Okyanus College1 min
    Private Schools
    Istinye Liv Hospitals5 min
    Shopping Malls 🛍️
    Akbati Shopping Mall5 min
    Shopping Malls

    Are These Apartments For Sale In Bahcesehir Eligible For The Turkish Citizenship Program?

    Certainly, you can benefit from the Turkish citizenship program if you purchase one of these Bahcesehir apartments for sale.

    When Is The Delivery Date Of Referans Bahcesehir And Is The Title Deed Ready?

    The delivery date for this project was set for May 2022, and the title deed is complete.