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taksim360 night view
taksim360 master bedroom
taksim360 lobby
taksim360 living room
taksim360 in istanbul
taksim360 for sale
taksim 360 view
taksim360 street
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taksim360 beyoglu neighbourhood
taksim 360 bathroom
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taksim360 night view
taksim360 master bedroom
taksim360 lobby
taksim360 living room
taksim360 in istanbul
taksim360 for sale
taksim 360 view
taksim360 street
taksim360 profile view
taksim360 beyoglu neighbourhood
taksim 360 bathroom
taksim360 apartments

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    Taksim, which serves as the heartbeat of Istanbul, a metropolis that bridges two continents and brings together a variety of cultures, languages, opinions, and cuisines, now has a brand new gathering place known as Taksim 360. The Taksim 360 building project, which was the biggest of its kind in Turkey, was recognized with the Best Urban Renewal Award in Europe. The historical, architectural, and cultural significance of Beyoglu has been carefully preserved throughout the renovation of the Taksim 360 observation deck. A dynamic lifestyle is not only guaranteed by Taksim 360’s residential and commercial buildings, but also by the neighborhood’s stores, art galleries, and other amenities.

    You will have the opportunity to experience another artistic side of Istanbul through the Taksim 360 project, the primary emphasis of which is on the investor. Istanbul is the metropolis that has been at the center of attention throughout every period of history, serving as a bridge between various cultures and societies. Do not forget to get the best price assurance from us via WhatsApp for these apartments for sale in Beyoglu if you believe that you should see history from today’s viewpoint and be a part of this evolution.

    General Features of Taksim 360 for Sale

    The project, which houses Beyoglu’s illustrious ethnic and social structure, is committed to maintaining its historic integrity. With a total floor area of 165,000 square meters and a façade length of 220 meters, Taksim 360 is one of Istanbul’s most impressive buildings. It boasts residences, offices, business sections, concept streets that will service shopping and social life, and a total of 918 units, making it the new address of life and investment.

    The 365 A/B block is the corner building of Taksim 360, and it contains 92 apartments across an area of 8,859 m2 and 20 retail spaces across an area of 1,635 m2. The homes’ well-considered design and high-end amenities will blow your mind. The area around Taksim 360 has been meticulously preserved, so residents, workers, shoppers, and socialites can all enjoy the area.

    Block 362, which has 73 dwellings on an area of 7.815 square meters, 23 retail sections on an area of 3.016 square meters, and 2 business sections on an area of 352 square meters, has a facade that faces Piyalepasa rather than the street. The side façade offers a panoramic view of the buildings and streets of Taksim. Your living room windows now provide a bird’s-eye view of the colorful new stores, cafes, and everyday happenings below.

    taksim360 apartments
    Taksim 360 Residences For Sale

    The wonderful street view allows residents of Apartment 387, which has a total area of 14.033 square meters for residential use and 5.461 square meters for commercial use and is divided into 152 residential and 38 commercial sections, to enjoy peace. The draperies are being blown by a gentle breeze, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee is wafting from the kitchen, and the sun is spreading the entire area in its rays. At Taksim 360, all of the preparations have been made for a lovely Istanbul morning.

    The 130 future residents of Apartment 361 at Taksim 360 will be situated in the heart of the complex, along the building’s rear facade. Block 361B features 10,279 square meters of residential space, as well as 3,439 square meters of commercial space where the melodies of bright music from cafes and cultural centers or the calm frequencies of nearby events can be enjoyed.

    Block 363 A is a corner building in the rear of the complex, and it contains 13 apartments totaling 1,116 square meters, 12 retail spaces measuring 1,311 square meters, and 8 office spaces measuring 743 square meters. From this vantage point, city dwellers can see the wide city visualization that stretches to Piyalepasa.

    The total area of Block 594 is 2,568 square meters, split evenly between its 34 residential units and its 9 commercial sections. Located on the southwest corner of Taksim 360’s exterior, this building’s occupants are mere seconds away from all that the city of Istanbul has to offer.

    Block 593, located on the north-western edge of Istanbul, features 65 residential units across an area of 5,845 square meters and 18 commercial units across an area of 1,843 square meters. This necessitates an appreciation for a riot of color and life in the urban landscape.

    Taksim 360 Flat Types And Prices List

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    Low-rise Taksim 360 Prices for Sale

    Features of Taksim 360

    • Offices
    • VIP Transfer Services
    • Parking Area
    • Housekeeping
    • Valet
    • 24-Hour Reception and Security
    • Technical Service
    • Concierge Services

    Taksim 360 Location And Transportation Facilities

    Taksim Square360 m
    Taksim Metro300 m
    Eminonu3 km
    FSM Bridge17 km
    Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge54 km
    Levent6 km
    Nisantasi3 km
    Besiktas3 km
    15 July Martyrs Bridge6 km
    Istanbul Airport38 km
    Sabiha Gokcen Airport40 km
    Maslak15 km
    Location And Transportation Facilities

    If I Buy One Of These Apartments For Sale In Beyoglu, Can I Benefit From The Turkish Citizenship Program?

    Yes, you can benefit from the Turkish citizenship program when you buy one of the apartments.

    Is The Title Deed Ready For The Apartments In The Project?

    Yes, the title deed of these apartments for sale in Beyoglu is ready.